Stubby Pump Cones

Kawasaki Stubby Pump Cones
Yamaha Stubby Pump Cones

Billet stubby pump cones from Epic Industries for all Yamaha watercraft that use the 144mm pump and Kawasaki watercraft using a 140mm pump.

Billet Couplers

Epic Industries light weight billet drive couplers for 1996 and up Superjets and Blasters.


The Epic scupper works on all stand-up jet skis and drains water from the engine compartment, way faster than any other method.

Billet Exhaust Outlet

Kawasaki SXR Billet Exhaust Outlet
Yamaha Superjet Billet Exhaust Outlet

Add some bling to the back of your SXR.

Billet Water Bypass Fittings

Epic Industries billet water bypass fittings.

Billet Bow Eyes

Epic Industries new standard length billet bow eyes.

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